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25 April 2009 @ 03:01 am

1. Membership to the community is open to anyone with a LiveJournal account, but only the moderators have posting access.

2. You must be 18 to participate or join the community, and you must have a date of birth or an age statement listed in your User Profile which confirms that you are 18 years of age or older.

3. Format for making requests will be outlined in the sign-up post. Please follow it.

3. Requests may be made for art, essays, or fanfiction. You may request art for a scene from one of your previously posted stories. Do not specifically request multi-media art. It may be provided by the artist, but there is no guarantee that someone will sign up who can fulfil that request.

4. All requests must focus on the relationship between Jayne and River. Genfic that explores their crew relationship or their friendship/hatred is perfectly fine. A romantic relationship is not a requirement.

5. Each fic must be at least 1,500 words. There is no maximum, although we are encouraging one-shots this round. Do not submit works in progress. All works must be complete.

6. Respect your recipient's wishes. If they want a happy ending, give them a happy ending. If they want genfic, give them genfic. If they want angst... well, you get the idea. If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with your assignment, please tell the mods right away. It is much easier to simply give you a new assignment and reassign yours to someone else than it is to scramble to find someone to replace you at the last minute.

7. No sexuality between underage characters, either in fic or art. The age in question being 18. This is due to LJ's restrictions and the mods' personal preferences. If you want a chan exchange, feel free to start your own. Otherwise, all ratings and genres are allowed, including threesomes.

8. Three strikes and you're out. The mods spent a lot of time chasing people to answer emails in the last round. This takes up our time and makes us grumpy. If we have to chase you three times to get a response, you will be kicked out of the exchange. We do not expect a response within 24 hours, though that would be nice. We certainly won't wait longer than a week. We appreciate that sometimes stuff comes up, and you will be away from your computer for a week or more. This is why you have three strikes. We would also point out that it's not beyond the wit of man to either let your mods know you won't be around for X dates, or to put something up in your LJ saying you are out of town until X.

9. If you need an extension or if you need to drop out, tell the mods as soon as possible. Avoiding talking to your mods rather than facing up to the fact that you want to / need to drop out is not helpful to us. We're not going to shout at you for having Something Come Up. We are going to be cross if the way we find out about this is on the due date of the third extension when you finally come clean.

10. Communications between mod and participant are confidential. We do not operate a name and shame policy, and if you drop out, we will not be shouting this from the rooftops. We also expect that communications between mod and participant remain confidential and will not be posted to LJ. You are, as always, at liberty to bitch about the mods in general terms, wonder how we ever manage to find our bottoms without a map, and assert that you could do much better if it were you in charge.

11. Do not discuss your assignment with your recipient. If you have questions regarding the prompts or your recipient's preferences, contact the mods, and we will contact the recipient and forward the answers to you.

12. It is your responsibility to have your story beta'd and coded properly when the story is submitted. This includes the proper html and LJ-specific coding. A cheat sheet for proper html and LJ-specific coding can be found here. There are also several resources for locating a beta reader. Here are some of them:

Perfect Imagination is a very helpful resource when searching for a qualified beta reader. All beta readers listed in the database are required to pass a canon and grammar exam to become a part of the database. http://www.perfectimagination.co.uk/

The Petulant Poetess also has a beta directory with lots of information about the people offering their services. http://thepetulantpoetess.com/

Participants are encouraged to exhaust the above resources BEFORE contacting the Mods to complain that they can't find a beta reader. There are plenty of resources listed here, so everyone should be able to find someone if they look hard enough.

13. It is your responsibility to split a multi-chapter story into chapters. LJ will accept a post of approximately 64 kb or about 10,000 words. If your story runs longer than that, it will have to be split into chapters. If we split the story for you, we cannot guarantee that we will split it at the most advantageous point in the story.

14. Artwork should be submitted to the exchange email in .jpg, .gif or .png format and be no larger than 800 by 600 pixels. Links should be provided to multi-media art. You must provide your own hosting for multi-media art; we cannot guarantee hosting.

15. Stories should be submitted to the exchange email in .txt, .rtf or .doc format or should be included in the body of the email.

16. All stories/artwork should include the following completed header:

Original Prompt:

17. We will do our best to ensure all participants have a gift in exchange for their contribution. However, this cannot be guaranteed. If you take part and the person for whom you are writing / drawing has dropped out, we may not be able to find a pinch hitter to take over their tasks. In that case, your work will be posted to the community at large. I'm sorry that we have to do this for this round, but we nearly ran out of pinch hitters last time.

18. The rayne exchange is about community, not just about receiving gifts. Please join the community so you can keep track of exchange posts. Taking part in the exchange includes participating, reviewing and supporting others. No flames, no wank, and lots of squee, even if you don't strictly mean it. If you can't find something nice to say about a gift, then you're not trying hard enough. If you have a problem with what someone has said on your work of genius when it is posted, come and talk to us (see email address above). We will sort it out, if we think it needs sorting.